Annamayya Music Albums

  • Annamayya Anthangamlo Alamelmanga
  • Annamayya Aradhana
  • Annamayya Desi Geyalu
  • Annamayya Hari Padaalu
  • Annamayya Krishna Geethalu
  • Annamayya Pada Shobha
  • He Venkatapathy Raaya
  • Jaya Jaya Nrusimha
  • Sakala Devata Stuthi
  • Sri Hari Sevalu
  • Sri Venkatesam Sri Srinivasam

...... Many more

Sri Venkata Veena Hare Venkatesa
Sakala Devata Stuti Shirdi Sai Geethalu Govinda Saranam

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January Respect Women
February Mechanics of fruitful prayer
March Lack of Karuna (Grace)
April The sign of humility & equality
May Say ‘THANKYOU!’ consciously
June God isn’t human to be blind to heart
July AatmaHatyamahaa paapam
August “Pandra Augusta?” Is it August 15?
September “DEATH” - The Last scene of Life
November Who is HE?
December MANTRAS - The keys to unlock divine energies


January Glitch (unpaused)
February Silence
March I MET GOD (A spiritual decoding!)
April Avatar, Annamayya (song was His weapon)
May Human’s Relation with The Universe ....inseparable
June Laughter -- ...a tonic for life
July I love you ... the path to the Ultimate Truth
September Guru: ... God in teaching mode
October Jealousy Hurts & Breeds Hatred
November RAPE - Must be shocking even to animals
December unConditional Love of the Divine


January HUMANNESS Way to Change!
February THE GOD, EVERYONE HAS SEEN ...there is no atheist!
March SOLUTION ...war can’t be
April UNIVERSE RESPONDS breaths gratitude
May “Tat Twam Asi” (That You Are) .. But what is that?
June YOU TOO GOD? ...Susceptible?
July SAVE SOIL! ...Sadguru’s feat of compassion
August THE DIVINE MOTHER ...time to pray Her
September GANESHA ... removes hurdles
November MIND ...makes heaven or hell