Annamacharya is honored with the title, “PADA KAVITA PITHAMA” which means the grand father of the form of poetry called “PADAM”. “PADAM” means a song. Since the Saints songs are devotional in nature, they are called “Sankeertanas” also.

A PADAM is a poetic composition, which has a “PALLAVI” (refrain) and three “CHARANAS” (stanzas) usually. The composition bears “MUDRA” in the last stanza. “MUDRA” means the mark of the Composer. Usually the name of the Composer, or the name of the Composer’s favorite God or the native place of the Composer will be employed as “MUDRA”.


Annamacharya composed 32000 “SANKEERTANAS” the “NAVARASAS(nine human emotions) are expressed to God in beautiful poetry. There are two categories of “ANNAMACHARYA SANKEERTANAS”

  • ADHYATMA SANKEERTANAS The content of “ADHYATMA SANKEERTANAS” is devotion,detachment,moral,social & spiritual values.
  • SRINGARA SANKEERTANAS The content of “SRINGARA SANKEERTANAS” is, different romantic feelings expressed to God. They are composed in” MADHURA BHAKTI” (the devotee becomes heroine and feels the God as the Hero.It is a devine romance between the individual self and the cosmic self).
  • The imagination of the saints is as vast as the sky.Based on the language there are three varieties of Sankeertanas.
  • MANIPRAVALAM:Composition in which more then one language is employed Annamacharya adopted all the prevailing folk forms of his time and conveyed deep philosophy and message through them FOLK LORES Ela , Jajara, Chandamama, Lali, Uyyala, Jola, Suvvi, Kugugu, Alloneredulu, Changubhala, Gobbillu, Jali, Tandana, Shobhanam.
  • We find the essence of “PURANAS (epics)” “RAMAYANA ” (a classical,poetic sanskrit work authored by VALMIKI, has RAMA and SEETHA as hero ,herione),”BHARATHAM”(a classic sanskrit work authored by VEDAVYAS) “BHAGAVATAM”(a classic work in sanskrit depicting the story and miracles of Lord Krishna, authored by VEDAVYAS) in ANNAMACHARYA SANKEERTANAS are essence of VEDAS(ancient indian spiritual knowledge).

Works of Annamacharya

SRINGARA SANKEERTANAS :(Romantic devotional songs) 1526
ADHYATMA SANKEERTANAS : (Devotional songs) 2209
SRINGARA MANJARI : A literary work in telugu in poetic meter called “DWIPADA”
VENKATESWARA SHATAKAM : A work of 100 poems. Every poem ends with the addressing of “Lord VENKATESWARA”.This work is also called “ALAMELUMANGA SHATAKAM”
DWIPADA RAMAYANA : A Literary work containing the story of “RAMA”(an incarnation of Hindu God,VISHNU) in the poetic meter called “DWIPADA”. This work is not available at present.
Eleven”SHATAKAS” : “SHATAKAM”is a work of 100 poems.Every poem has the same ending which will be either an address to god are self addressing. St.Annamacharya seems to have composed Eleven” Shatakas” which are not available at present.
PRABANDHAS : A kind of literary work. St.Annamacharya seems to have written many “PRABANDHAS” in different languages which are not available at present.